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Joining Journey with Joi

"Are you more focused on who you have the potential to be or carrying out the potential to Be Who You Are Called To Be?!"
- Coach Joi

Meet Coach Joi

I'm Phylese Joi, affectionately known as, Joi. I'm a boy mom, mother of one. Liberty University is where I attended college and graduated in 2013 with Psychology, BS majoring in Life Coaching. Thereafter, I received credentials to become a certified life coach. Being a life coach, I view it as a desirable, meaningful, and rewarding career. I enjoy helping others to clarify their goals, develop productive ways to improve and enhance their quality of life, and to recognize their unique abilities through positively affirming self worth. It is my passion to motivate others to shift from defeating mindsets and overcome challenges. The ultimate goal is to see others excel through the journey of putting them selves first while boldly living life in purpose.

She has so much to offer, Many life lessons that...
You are my number 1 go to when it...
Working with Joi is a breath of fresh air, very comical,...
She’s the cheerleader that routes for you. She...
She has an integrity that is genuine and wants...
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